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Ways to Know That You Are From Mobile, AL

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UAB chapter.

1. You have an accent that is found no where else on this planet. 



2. You get offended when outsiders say New Orleans founded Mardi gras. 


3. When you have nothing else to do you know the mall is always the go to place. 


4. You support the University of South Alabama Jagaurs even though you knew you could never go there for college because you wanted to move away. 



5. Foosacklys will ALWAYS be Bae


6. Gulfshores is always the place you reccommend to your friends for Spring Break. 



7. You know about the “Mobile Leperchaun.” 



8. You Snapchat a picture of the DollyParton bridge everytime you go North of Mobile. 


9. Everytime you meet someone new from Mobile the question they always ask first is which highschool you went to. 


10.. In the end when you’re away you miss it because, there is no place like home.   


Hey I'm Kristin! I love helping others and working with children! I want to someday make an impact in the world of Education. Pretty Little Liars, Scandal, and Once Upon a Time are my favorite shows.