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As we all know, it is February and most of the time this month is overshadowed by Valentine’s day. Love is fine and dandy, but we don’t want to forget that this month is also set aside to celebrate BLACK History and the struggles and adversities African Americans had to endure for several decades and the many brave souls who  were courageous enough to fight for the rights of African Americans.Here are some ways to help celebrate this month:


  • Learn about the movements that gave African Americans important rights ( For example:The Civil Rights Movement was really important in ending the legalization of racial discriminations)

  • Learn about the true history of Slavery (Some textbooks have the history wrong by incenuating that African Americans were happy/content with being slaves)

  • Visit a Civil Rights Museum (If you are in the Birmingham/Montgomery area, they have some great museums)

  • Learn the BLACK National Anthem (We all have heard this song before, but may not know all of the words, but in honor of BLACK History Month, we should learn the words to commemorate the struggles that our ancestors had to go through to obtain the rights we have today)

  • Teach someone/ Learn about BLACK Culture (I actually just learned that braiding styles were used to hide small foods like rice because slaves would be in the fields picking cotton all day and weren’t given anything to eat.Now we use them as fashion/ protective styles for our hair)

  • Support BLACK owned Businesses/ brands 

  • Watch a movie about BLACK History (There are several documentaries and movies that are very interesting)

  • Check your local Museums’ websites because most times they have special events going on to celebrate BLACK History

Portia Thomas

Alabama '20

My name is Portia Thomas and I am a senior at UAB. Hope everyone enjoys my articles!