The Wait is Over

Well, it’s finally here. Taylor Swift dropped her sixth studio album, Reputation, this past Friday and people have been going crazy. Taylor’s new album is filled with mesmerizing pop melodies, intricate metaphors, and beautiful lyricism woven throughout. If you asked me to pick a favorite song so far, I would tell you that all fifteen tracks are my favorite. Each one is so different in its own way, but are still similar, completing the linear storytelling of the album. Swift's lyrics are sharp and poignant in each song and production exceeds most of her previous albums, using synth and alteration of her own voice to make new hooks and beats.  Some people have complained that Swift is dabbling in sounds that are not for her, that she should stick with her old sounds and focus more on the singer-song writing aspect of her music.  

But we can’t all stay the same. Swift emphasizes that it is human nature for people to change and that she has never wanted any album she has produced to sound the same. I think her new sound is a step in the right direction and so does the majority of the world. Reputation sold over 800,000 copies in the first hour, exceeding Taylor’s record, which was 625,000 copies in one day. Reputation now holds the record for the fastest album to hit number one on iTunes. Reputation has big things ahead of it and I cannot wait to see where this era will take Taylor Swift anf her fans. So here's to you, Ms. Swift, for creating another successful album.