The Ultimate Guide to Starting Spring Semester Off Right

Welcome back, Blazers! It’s springtime! It’s back to the books for everyone after their New Year’s celebrations. We have slept, partied and hung out, and now it’s time to head back to campus. The fall was fun! The weather was warm. But Spring semester brings frigid temperatures, basketball season and lots of snow days.

It’s easy to fall behind with so much going on, but we have to push through and work hard to finish the semester strong from now until April. From setting goals to the syllabus breakdown, we’re here to show you how!



Set a semester goal and stick to it

Sometimes setting specific goals are hard, but as long as you don’t pressure yourself or create unnecessary anxiety, your goal should be perfectly attainable. Want to make straight A’s? Go for it! Now what if think you’ll do well the first couple weeks but make a not-so-great grade when midterms hit? Avoid this feeling by setting a semester goal that won’t be so overwhelming. Maybe “I’m going to do my absolute best this semester” would be a better fit. Depending on the class, your best might be an A or a C, but you achieved your goal without all the stress. Semester goals don’t only have to be academic – they can be about life or even health. Tell yourself gym twice a week, find a buddy to help you stick to it!

“When I set goals, I simultaneously create a source of motivation for myself and I am placing before me a prize to keep my on; if there are no goals in place for me to achieve, there is no incentive to move on forward. You have to set goals that are attainable and time bound. The ultimate goal is graduation, finishing my classes strong are my short term milestones that will ensure the long term goal is met.” - Gabrielle C., Senior 

Wait to purchase your textbooks!

Some people like to purchase their textbooks the week before school starts, but we recommend waiting until the first day of school because things change! Your computer may say one thing, but the syllabus may say something totally different. Some professors don’t even end up using the book! Then you’re stuck with a book you don’t even need. If you do decide to buy a textbook, search around on social media, textbook websites like Amazon or Chegg, and your local college bookstores for the best deal. “Last semester, I bought all of my courses recommended textbooks. There ended up being a couple of them that I didn’t need, and that’s a big deal when my textbooks averaged at about $100 each.” - Mariah B., Freshman

Your syllabus and planner are your BFFs

You should’ve received all of your syllabus by now, but Snoozy’s has the cutest planners! Go through each syllabus one at a time and write every assignment in your planner. You’re going to need it! Also remember planners aren’t only for your academic life. You may be in a sorority, the band, or some other campus organization. Purchase different color pens and color code what you write to match what it’s for. “A planner brings order to an ever-changing schedule. It gets kind of difficult to balance everything on my schedule, but having a planner allows me to have a personal assistant in a way. I can always be reminded of what I have to do so that I don’t over book or over stress myself!" - Rachel S., Junior 

At the end of the day, you are a Queen! You are tough, you are strong, you are intelligent, and this semester is going to be one worth remembering. Everything you experience will not hold you back. Instead, it will allow you to grow in ways you never thought of. Remember to always remain positive. Do what makes you happy and never have regrets because everything happens for a reason. Have a great semester, Blazers. You got this!