Tips to dealing with roommates in college

  1. Compromise 

Not everything is going to go your way, so in order to live comfortably there needs to be compromise. Create “Win- Win” situations where everyone benefits 

2.  Cleanliness

If you are planning on having a roommate, this is one of the most important rules in my opinion. Everyone should clean up after themselves because that makes for a much happier living space.

3. Communication

Always talk to one another. If something is bothering you, let your roommate(s) know because you are paying money to live in this environment, so you should feel good living in it 

4. Consideratation 

Be considerate of your roommate(s) because they could be dealing with things. Not everyone has the same schedules, and they may like to have their space.

5. Ask before you take  

If you need anything, or want to use something that belongs to your roommates, make sure to ASK before your use it. This is where a lot of issues arise between roommates, because some people are from households where they are used to just taking what they need. However, this is different when you live with roommates (unless you guys have that kind of relationship). You have to ask for what you need if it belongs to someone else.

These are just some things that could make your college roommate experience a lot easier.