Things Wrong With UAB

Things Wrong with UAB

Don’t get me wrong, I love UAB. If I had to go back through the college selection again, UAB would still be my first choice. Although, if you go to UAB, you know everything is not great as it seems. Like any other college there are good, but also bad things we, as students, face on the daily. For those of you who attend UAB, I hope you can all get a good laugh and give an “Amen”. For those of you who are not attending UAB yet, this is a warning of the things you need to prepare yourself for when coming to UAB.


This is by far the biggest problem we all face here at UAB. Whether you live on campus or are a commuter, there is never parking. I am still questioning why they allow freshman to have cars on campus, when there is obviously not enough parking. As someone who lives on campus, I never want to leave campus in fear of losing my spot and having to park a good 30 minutes from my dorm.

   2. Broken/Sketchy Elevators

Those elevators seem as if they were made in the 1800s and have not been updated. Okay, so that may be a little exaggerated, but they still seem like death traps. But that doesn’t stop me from riding on them, there is no way, in the name of the cookie monster, am I walking up four flights of stairs.


   3. Not Enough Food Options

As a freshman, it is so exciting going to the Den at midnight. Although, somewhere along the way, it loses its touch and soon just the thought of the Den will make you sick. Unlimited meals in the common? Also, another awesome thing until you realize they only serve good food on tour days.


  4.No Parking

Did I mention there is no parking anywhere on campus? Oh, I did? Well, there is no parking!


  5. Too Many Rules for the Dorms

I know they are for our safety, but sometimes I just hate the rules. When I am bringing in arm loads of groceries and I pray my arms don’t fall off as I hunt for my one card. Or when I have a friend coming over and I have to check them in, or when I forget to check them out and get my visitation taken away. Once again, I know it is for my safety, but man does it suck sometimes.

As you can see UAB isn’t perfect; they test me every day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. UAB is my home and all their flaws make them special. Think of it kind of like a relationship- you must accept them for all their good qualities and for their bad ones. Just pray you find a parking spot and that you don’t get stuck in an elevator and the rest will be okay.