Things to do this fall!

Things to do this fall!

1. Go on a Hike 

This weather is perfect to hike in or even just take walks. Hiking is something that I have always wanted to do but never could because I’m from a very small town, and we don’t have any hiking trails. My friends and I went on a hike the other day, and it was definitely something I think everyone should experience. Now I can check that off of my bucket list!

2. Go Shopping 

Shopping for fall accessories is always fun because you have so many options from sweaters, long sleeves, to boots, to cardigans. Start to build your wardrobe for winter and layer your clothes as it starts to get cold.

3. Have Potlucks with friends 

During this time of year, everyone is getting into the thankful spirit and this is a good time to meet with friends and show off your cooking skills, or just spend time with family and friends in general.

4. Disney + and chill 

Since it’s  starting to get cooler and there isn’t much to do outside, why not move your festivities indoors? It will be so much fun getting together with friends and reminiscing on old times by seeing all of  the disney channel shows we used to watch when we were younger.

5. Plan future trips 

Since it is starting to get cooler and it is not the ideal whether to take trips in, this would be a perfect time to plan future trips like spring break or summer vacation. This way, when the warm weather returns, you’ll be ready to travel!