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Surviving Finals Week

It’s almost time for winter break, which can only mean one thing: Finals week is upon us. No doubt there will be some stress involved but don’t let the pressure get you down. Follow these simple tips to make the most of your finals and may the curve forever be in your favor!

1.  Have a Study Plan: With so many exams it’s almost impossible to remember everything. So have a set time that you allow yourself for each subject. Whether it’s an hour a day or 30 minutes a day. Have a study plan will allow you to accomplish more and reduce stress.

2. Get Your Rest: Get enough rest is extremely important. Especially during finals week. The best amount of hours to get is around 6-8 hours of sleep. Don’t sacrifice sleeping for studying. It doesn’t work, because if you’re tired the information will not be absorbed as well as other information.

3.  Take Breaks: Don’t just study for 5 hours straight. Maybe 2 hours then take a break, so your brain won’t be overworked. Go watch a TV show, go do something with friends. Then back to the books.

4.  Study Partner: If a certain subject isn’t your strong point find somebody’s whose is. Finding someone who’s good in a subject that you are not allows growth for you. Plus, study groups are fun! Meeting new people and also gaining insight you wouldn’t receive if you were by yourself.

5.  Don’t Forget Breakfast: Eat breakfast before your exam. It’s a good way to get your day started as well as eating being nutritious. Students who eat breakfast have been proven to perform higher than those who don’t.

6.  Water! Water! Drink enough water as well as keep yourself hydrated. Some students maybe “studying” too much to forget to drink or even eat. Make sure you stay hydrated!

7. Relax and Breathe! Before the test take a couple deep breaths and stay calm. Be confident in yourself and know that what you have studied you fully understand. Relax and Breathe. You’ve got this!

Jadelyn . Sophomore.
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