The Sophomore Slump?


Before coming to college I had never even heard the term sophomore slump. I was sure senioritis was a thing, but something happens sophomore year too?

I wasn’t too sold on the sophomore slump until a couple of weeks ago. It seemed that everyone I talked to was starting to ask me about my future. What do I plan to do with my major? Am I looking into internships? Long term goals? All these questions started to make me a little overwhelmed.

Freshman year was all about dabbling in things here and there and learning about all the options campus has to offer, then sophomore year started and it seemed like everything was supposed to be in place. I remember telling my friends how I felt like I never knew what was happening on campus and that things were not as exciting as they were freshman year. I know my way around campus. I know how much sleep I should get to be productive the next day(and when I can fit in a night a Netflix binging). I’m learning what type of people I like to surround myself with. I thought I was figuring out all the right things. Yet as my first semester of sophomore year comes to an end I’m starting to feel more lost. I find myself questioning everything. I wanted to get more involved on campus this semester--- I did, but should I be doing more? I want to declare a minor… I think? I know what I want to do after college...kind of?  

While some students may be flying through this semester with complete assurance, I’m sure there are plenty of us feeling a little out of whack. I’m sure the sophomore slump can be different for everyone, or not even happen at all. It might be filled with sleepless nights, tear filled conversations with your parents, or just a sense of withdrawal. Nonetheless, I’m here to tell you that it is okay. Sure it would be nice to have things figured out, but if we’re being honest it just doesn’t always happen like that. After talking to other students I’ve learned that everyone’s process is different. Just take it a day at a time. Continue to figure out what you want and work actively to get it, but don’t get caught up in comparing your journey to others. Some of the most successful college grads I know have shared stories about how even after graduation they weren’t sure what they were doing. They even took on jobs they weren’t sure about before they found the career they truly love!

So just remember, don’t let this phase get you down. It’s not the end, in fact every day is a new beginning. Make your college experience your own, and don’t worry about fitting anyone else’s guidelines. Figure out your plan and get to work!