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Pros and Cons of High End Makeup

Ever wondered if buying the expensive makeup was worth it? Ever think you were just paying for the name? Well look no further peeps!! I am superwoman here to save the day!!! After reviewing these points, it should help make the decision easier!



  • Can be amazing quality; no drug store makeup can compare.


  • Very pigmented. With one swipe, it’s magic. (Have you guys seen Fenty Beauty?!?!?!? GIRRRRRRLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Rihanna killed the makeup game on her first try.)


  • Contains better ingredients for your skin.


  • Makes you feel fancy! (Random person: “Girl your makeup is flawless!” Me:“Oh, thank you girl it’s MAC!”)


  • Easier to apply





  • Expensive (these expensive, these is morphe brushes, these is non-synthetic bristles)


  • Sometimes the expensive stuff isn’t worth the price and you can get drugstore makeup that gets the job done better and for cheaper.


  • Harder to find products you like because trial and error will hurt your wallet.


I hope I was some kind of magic fairy godmother and answered all your questions about high end makeup! I think that it’s great to have a mix of drugstore and high-end makeup in your possession! It is very important to find what works for YOU.

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