The Perfect Gifts For Stranger Things Fanatics

I think its safe to assume that the majority of Netflix bingers are as obsessed with the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things, as I am. Not only have I dedicated an entire day to watching each season and the show, Beyond Stranger Things, but I follow all of the actors on all social media, I follow fan and meme accounts, and I am dying to get gifts that are Stranger Things related this holiday season. If you are like me, then you can forward this gift guide to your friends and family. If you are stumped about what to get your best friend who just so happens to love this show, then this will be a great source for inspiration. Pull out your wallet and Farah Fawcett hairspray, my friends, because this list is about to take your gift buying to the Upside Down. 


***For your convenience, I managed to find all 10 items at Target, but there is definitely more beyond this***


1. T-Shirts

Because who wouldn’t want to wear a baseball tee with four little boy’s faces on it! And if you’re not into that, Target has many more t-shirt options.


2. Sweaters

When your grandma goes to Target to get you a Christmas sweater, not knowing that she is blessing you with this #lit Joyce tribute.


3. Season One DVD

Every true fan needs the Collector's DVD of Season One, because Netflix streaming can’t be trusted during the apocalypse.


4. Eggo Card Game

This game brings all of a fan’s wildest fantasies to life! You play as the characters in the Upside Down and have to get rid of all your cards before getting attacked by a Demogorgon.


5. Sweat Pants

The perfect outfit: your Stranger Things t-shirt with your Stranger Things sweater on top of your Stranger Things sweat pants (i.e. the ULTIMATE guy/girl magnet).


6. Pop Characters

These cute, collectable Pop characters are just what you need to add some pizzazz to your dorm room. Plus, who wouldn't want to bring a S.O. home to a room full of all of the Stranger Things Pop characters watching your every move.


7. Action Figures

Don’t get the hype of Pop figures? You can also decorate your room with some classic action figures.


8. Wall Posters 

At this point, you might as well dedicate your whole room to Stranger Things! Since you have the Pop characters and action figures, lining the walls with some cute posters will make you #MarriageMaterial.


9. Monopoly 

To have the best game night, include some Stranger Things Monopoly with the Eggo card game. Your friends will thank you for treating them with a trip to the Upside Down.


10. Lunch Box

This is not only cool, but practical if you carry a lunchbox to school or work. Even if you don’t, any true fan will appreciate this treasure.