Organizational Tips for a Successful Semester

Organization is just one part of having a successful semester; so take some time to sort things out. Getting organized will help make things just a little bit easier as you move through the semester.


  • Sort Your Supplies

Get a couple of boxes and label them so you know what will be in them; having to go through several boxes just to find one thing is no fun. Sorting what you have will make things easily accessible when you need them.


  • Stock Up on Your Favorite Supplies

If you already know there are several items you want to have in your arsenal, stock up. No one likes those midnight Walmart runs and you will save yourself from the headache of running out.


  • Set Up Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive Folders

One thing I have found that really helps me is having a folder for each class. Folders definitely make keeping track of all of those english paper drafts easier. Also, you will know where to look if you need something; the days of looking through hundreds of files are finally over. You can keep the papers and presentations in one place.


  • Canvas Calendar

Take advantage of the calendar feature on Canvas. It allows you to combine all of your classes into one calendar and see all of your assignments in one place. This makes it easy to plan out when to work on things in order to have them done on time.


  • Donate

As you go through your supplies and find things like unused dividers or packs of paper you don't need donate them to the supply pantry. Donating is a good way to help those around you. If you aren't sure what to donate you can always contact the pantry and see what supplies are needed.


  • Throw Out or Recycle

As we go through the semester pens and highlighters inevitably quit working. Instead of letting them litter you backpack throw them away to clear out space for working writing utensils. You can also recycle paper from old notebooks that you have used and no longer need. This will eliminate the stack of old notebooks on your shelf and help the environment.