The Office Episodes to Watch

I began to binge watch the beloved, popular  TV show The Office in February and now I only have two seasons left. I began watching to see what all the hype is about and let me tell you, it has surely lived up to its hype. If you have never watched this show you have to because you're missing out on lots of laughs. If you need another reason, laughing a lot can help with your abs so get watching. Granted, I still have two seasons left but here are 5 of the many episodes you should watch if you want to laugh a lot.


Threat Level Midnight 

Season 7, Episode 17

"After three years of writing, one year of shooting, four years of re-shooting and two years of editing, I have finally completed my movie, Threat Level: Midnight." - Michael Scott



Stress Relief: Part 1 

Season 5, Episode 14

"Nobody should have to go to work thinking, oh this is the place that I might die today. That's what a hospital is for. An office, is for not dying. An office is a place to... live life to the fullest. To the max. To... an office is a place where dreams come true." - Michael Scott




Email Surveillance 

Season 2, Episode 9

"Funny story: the way that I got into improv was, I got into improv. The story about me getting into improv was that I was walking down the street, and a race car pulls up, and the guy says "Hey you're funny, you're the funniest guy I've ever seen, or my name is not Dale Earnhardt." [giggles] And that was an improv. Um, the real way is that I found a flyer." - Michael Scott




Season 7, Episode 2

"You don't make a mistake on purpose, Toby! Then it is no longer a mistake... Gabe. He messed it up. He messed up the forms, I bet... (mimicking Gabe) "I mess everything up so I can fix it and keep my job! Bah! Good thing I'm here cause I do nothing. I make everybody nervous!" [normal voice] Ah, ok. Got your notebook? Alright. Alright, lets bang this out. Let's do it to it!" - Michael Scott



Casual Friday 

Season 5, Episode 26

"I have a very difficult decision to make. It's like last week I was at the video store. Do I rent Devil Wears Prada again? Or do I finally get around to seeing Sophie's Choice? It is what you would call a classic difficult decision." - Michael Scott