Now You Can Start Playing Christmas Songs

So, the turkey has been cooked, the stuffing has been put away, and you and your family are all rubbing your stomachs on the couch after devouring your thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving has finally past and that only means one thing. The Christmas season has arrived and you can now start putting your decorations up, baking your peppermint flavored treats, and listening to your favorite holiday tunes.


            When people begin to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving, and sometimes even before Halloween, I become extremely perturbed. I personally believe that each holiday is supposed to have its' time in the spotlight. If we start to celebrate Christmas early, the holiday seems dragged out and by the time Christmas rolls around, everyone is tired of the same old tunes and ready to move on. When we start to rush things, we're not able to truly enjoy them. Christmas will come around, but let’s enjoy eating our turkey and stuffing before singing Christmas carols.