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Meet Samra Michael

Name: Samra Michael

Age: 19

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Graphic Design

Dichterliebe song #4


HC: What are you involved in on Campus?

SM: I’m involved in many things such as Her Campus, Honors College, Global Community Leaders, Red Cross, and the Crisis Center.

HC: What are you passionate about?

SM: I am definitely passionate about having good frienships, and a good sense of fashion.

HC: How would you describe yourself?

SM: I would describe myself as an easy going, down to earth student who also likes to enjoy her time.

HC: What is your dream job?

SM: My dream job is definitely becoming a Glossy makaep company writer where I can help come up with marketing strategies for their website.

HC: What is your favorite food?

SM: My favorite food would definitely be a seafood alfredo.


A Palestinian American interested in the Blog and Fashion fields, pursuing a degree in Marketing Management.
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