Meet Freshman Writer, Sara Hardy

Name: Sara Hardy​

Age: 18​

Classification: Freshman​

Major: English/History​

Hometown: Hoover, AL


Mickeah: What is your favorite thing about UAB?

Sara: I love a lot of things about UAB, but my favorite is the campus environment. There are so many cool things you can get involved in, and everyone is just so genuinely nice and helpful. It's not your typical college town campus, but it's right in the middle of the city so there are so many opportunities right around you.


Mickeah: What is your favorite place to study on campus?

Sara: I love to study outside when it's nice enough because it's calming to get a breath of fresh air when you're cramming for an exam. The balcony at the Hill Center has a beautiful view of the campus and it's a really nice place to get some of your reading done.


Mickeah: What is one thing that you’re most passionate about?

Sara: I'm really passionate about stories, which is why I'm majoring in history and literature. I have always loved reading since I was a child, and whenever I travel to a cool place, I always like to know the story behind it. 


Mickeah: If you could tell your high school-self something, what would it be?

Sara: I would tell my high school self not to stress out so much. Yes, it's important to get your work done and do a good job, but mental health and relaxation are just as important. I value those things a lot more now.


Mickeah: What do you think is your best quality and why?

Sara: My best quality is how empathetic I am. Because I'm really good at putting myself in other people's shoes and understanding what they are feeling, I've become a really open-minded and accepting person.


Mickeah: If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Sara: In three words I am: curious, creative, perfectionist.


Mickeah: Who is your celebrity crush?

Sara: My celeb crush is Chris Pratt. I am in love with him.


Mickeah: What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Sara: The Best concert was hands down Idina Menzel. I'm kind of a huge Broadway and Disney nerd.


Mickeah: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Sara: I was a weird child haha. One of my favorite memories was how I used to always make funny videos with my little sister and friends on our iPod touches. We would make movies and commercials and even documentaries of places we went (like vlogs before they were a thing).


Mickeah: Do you have any fun spring break plans?

Sara: I honestly have no clue what I'm doing for spring break, lol.