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Meet Dave Newman!

Name: Dave Newman

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing 

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

HC: What are the three words that best describe yourself?

DN: Cheerful, laid-back, loyal

HC: What are some of your interests?

DN: Basketball, golf, tennis, music.  I play a little bit of piano.  


HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?

DN: Kate Upton.  She seems “down to earth.”


HC: Describe your ideal girl?

DN: She’s got to be funny, have a nice smile, and not be pessimistic.  I like an optimist.


HC: What would be your ideal date?

DN: First, we’d go to a nice restaurant.  Then, I’d take her to the movies, and probably go to get coffee or ice cream afterwards.  


HC: What’s your favorite outfit to see a girl in?

DN: A dress and cowgirl boots.  


HC: Any pick-up lines?

DN: I don’t really have any pick up lines..


HC: Do you know any good ones?

DN: I know some corny ones…like “Are you from Tennessee?  Because you’re ten I see!”


HC: What’s your biggest turn-off?

DN: Excessive cussing, and girls who smoke.  


HC: Are you single or taken?

DN: I am single.  


HC: And, most importantly, are you ready to mingle?

DN: Yes. I am ready to mingle. 

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