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Meet Daniel Stickler!

He may not be an Alabama native, but UAB junior Daniel Stickler has adjusted to southern life pretty well.  Part of that adjustment came from being both a full-time student with an eighteen hour workload, and also working a job thirty hours a week.  Despite his busy schedule of balancing work and play, nothing keeps him from his most important obligation of being a great friend.

Name: Daniel Stickler

Age: 21 

Hometown: Fincastle, Virginia

Major: Double degree in Marketing and Economics

HC: What are three words that best describe yourself?
DS:  Blunt (but in a kind way), extroverted, and loyal.

HC:  Have you been working since you first came to UAB?
DS:  Yes, about two weeks into school freshman year.  

HC: What was your first job?
DS: Papa John’s when I was 15.

HC: How many jobs have you had since being at UAB?
DS: I’ve had two in Birmingham, but I still have my job back home whenever I go back.  I’m currently working at Planet Smoothie off of HWY 280.

HC:  How do you balance being both a student and also working 30 hours a week?
DS:  Well, that’s why I switched from serving at Jim ‘N Nicks to working at Planet Smoothie.  Planet Smoothie makes it easier to do school work while I’m there.  I also really appreciate the alone time I get when I’m there.  It’s a nice break.

HC:  What was your most embarrassing moment while at work?
DS:  When I had a six-top, I was bringing out their drinks and I accidentally dropped one of the unsweet tea cups on a two-year old.  I thought I hit him in the head, but really it ended up being it’s shoulder.  The parents tried to get me to help them to clean it up, but my manager pulled me aside and scolded me saying I made her look bad.  So then I was really upset because I thought I hit this baby in the head.  I walked around the corner and let out a good cry, and I NEVER cry at work!  But, they ended up tipping me well, and it all worked out.

HC:  Any final thoughts?
DS: I like working because it gives me something to do, but I also have to because I need the money.  

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