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Unmotivated, exhausted, through, and burnt-out.

Unmotivated is only the beginning, a feeling that seems unshakable. Personally, I normally get unmotivated a little after the middle of a semester. I no longer strive to be 30 minutes early to every class. Heck, I may not even make it to most of my classes. I tend to cut my day off way earlier than when it’s supposed to end and don’t get me started on my assignments. . . As if I don’t procrastinate already when I'm not motivated at all that turns into me waiting till the day of to do assignments - if I feel like it.

Exhausted when I haven’t done anything to be exhausted for.

Through. Through with college. Through with life. Through with everything, because everything is just entirely too much for me. Through because I don’t think I asked for this.

And burnt-out because I “started off strong” to the point where I gave my all in the beginning, and now it feels like I have nothing else to give. A feeling of being burnt-out sums up every feeling I stated prior to this. Nothing matters when that feeling of being burnt-out kicks in.

Nothing matters and nothing can change until you change yourself. I’m not talking about the deep soul-searching changing yourself, unless it’s really needed, but instead changing yourself to master the situation you’re going through. In most times, we can’t change what we are going through or even why we are going through it, but what we can change is ourselves. And that’s the most challenging thing because no one knows where to start or how to do it. For me, it takes writing my goals down again, creating to-do lists, making sure I write in my planner - reinstalling those healthy habits. And what works for me may not work for you, but everything has a trial and error phase, so I advise finding ways to change yourself to help you better work through your situation. Being unmotivated, exhausted, through, and overall burnt-out only leads to self-destruction and depression, and I know this because I’ve been down this road too many times to where I can be a witness to tell you that changing yourself will help you change your situation.

So, make the challenge of changing yourself to conquer whatever situation you’re going through.