It's time for Spring Cleaning!

If you are reading this and you are in the lovely and very dry state of Alabama, than you know that we have not been having typical weather this year. I am about to tell you the best way to take advantage of it though—spring cleaning!

Spring is the best time of year for a massive cleaning up, and here are just a few of the reasons!

1. As you clean out your closet, drawers, etc, remember to make a “Give Away” pile. Look up non-profit and charity organizations in your area to donate what you don’t need or want anymore, especially clothing items. With the cold weather leaving us, it's the perfect time to transition your closet for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

2. As you clean out, you might find space you didn’t know you had for storage purposes or finding that top you've been looking for all these months. 

3. As you are cleaning and you see what you have and what you don’t have, it gives you great insight into what you might want to purchase for your wardrobe this year.

4. There's just something about a clean room that instantly boosts my motivation and productivity to do assignments, so this could help you with it coming to the home stretch of the semester for grades.

5. Spring cleaning can also mean cleaning out personal aspects of your life. Whether it be relationship wise, friends, or work taking a step back to rethink and evaluate where you'r at right now can be very good especially for your mental health.

You can reward yourself after you are done cleaning by going to enjoy the weather outside, taking a walk to admire all the new flowers beginning to bloom or you can go to the store and buy something guilt-free since you have so much more room now in your closet!