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It’s Time to Meet the Young Teenager that Inspired Rosa Parks

On the day of March 2nd in 1955, Claudete Colvin a fifteen-year-old mother was arrested for refusing to give her seat a white female passenger on a crowded segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

You may be thinking, "Wrong Story huh? Never hear of Claudete Colvin right? Sounds like a remix to the Rosa Parks conundrum?"

Nope… Actually, this is where it all begins. Claudete Colvin shined a vision in the eyes of Rosa Parks, a civil rights leader, who mimicked her act of not giving up her seat on the segregated bus. Nine months after Claudette Colvin’s statement, on December 1, 1955, The remake was remade. Both African Women are prominent Afrcian Americans who've influenced the lives of others through their actions.

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