Interracial Love

Love knows no boundaries. Love knows no color. Love who you want.

With that being said, interracial love is a beautiful thing. It is the epitome of opposites attracting. There are many people in this world that will look at an interracial couple and think “Why not date within your own ethnicity?” Then there are people bold enough to approach one party or even both parties together to ask why they are together. You can either entertain these judgmental individuals or tell them to mind their own damn business. The thing is, it isn’t always strangers who are against the beautiful couple. There are families who cannot wrap their heads around why their son/daughter would want to date outside of their skin color. Now, how do you handle that?

Strength and true love.

 That is the only way to combat an ignorant family. Your relationship has to be worth the struggle of discrimination. It is tough to go against your family and their values, whether you share their beliefs or not. How strong are you? How much do you love your significant other? Is your significant other worth the fight? If those last two questions have answers that do not correlate with each other, then it is time for you to let them go. Now if your SO is worth the fight, then they will have your back always. You and your SO have to work with your family together. Make sure to pick them up if they are being kicked down. So much love and support is needed when it comes time for the family talk. The family will either accept the love after some time has passed, after the initial shock or they will reject the love. Be prepared for both outcomes. Love is a powerful thing. Take care of it. Fight for it.