How to Survive the Last 2 Weeks of the Semester

Welcome back Blazers! We all know that the two weeks between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break are probably the roughest of the entire semester. You've tasted freedom, but you're not quite there yet. All that stands in your way are six projects, three exams, four papers, and then all your finals. But, hey man, cheer up. You're almost there. Here are a few tips on how to make these next couple of weeks bearable:

1. Invite your friends over for a study date!Image result for study date

  • Once you all leave for the month long Christmas break, you will miss those late night hangouts so take advantage of it while you can!

2. Continue to go to classImage result for going to class meme

  • It will definitely be tempting, but don't do it!! Be sure to go get those last pieces of information to do well on your finals. 

3. Check out all of the events on campus and in your residence halls (if you live on campus)Image result for event

  • There are still lots of events you can go to before the semester is up, check out Engage to find them!

4. Spend those Dining DollarsImage result for spending money in college meme

  • Still have dining dollars to be spent? A couple ways to get rid of them are 1)taking your friend to lunch or 2) loading up on goodies from Starbucks and the C-Store. 

5. Ace Your Finals!!!Image result for finals meme college

  • This is the most important thing to do on the list because we all want that 4.0 am I right?! 

Good luck on finals and Go Blazers!