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How To Revamp Your Wardrobe With $50 Or Less!

So much fashion…so many trends…so little money to try and update your wardrobe with! We all know the pain of having a personal style that outstrips the reach of our wallets. Think of all the designer shoes we could buy with those student loans! Don’t despair, in case you are thinking you will never be able to give your closet some fashionable flair. Think it’s impossible to update your wardrobe with $50 or less? Think again!

1.) Making A List Is Your friend

Trust me on this—if you go to a store (especially one that you love “coughSephoracough”) and you think you know what you need you are just going to end up walking out of the store with what you want. Make a list of exactly what you need, (preferably pieces that will work well with multiple outfits and in more than one season) and beside each item on the list put a limit as to how much you are willing to spend. For example: “1 black tank top: $5-$10”. Holding the list in your hand or keeping it within reach on your phone will remind you what exactly you came to the store for, and if you keep within budget, THEN you can give yourself a reward of all those tempting things they put up at the checkout counter!

2.) Shopping Off-Season Is Your Friend

Now this is a science that I am still learning, but you would not believe the deals when you buy certain items off-season! It’s not terribly fun initially, because you are basically buying cute things that you probably won’t be able to wear for another 6 months if not longer than that, but if you remind yourself how much money you’re saving, then it becomes more fun! I highly recommend stocking up on shorts, tank tops, sandals, and other spring/summer apparel from October to December, and then stocking up on cute sweaters, pants and coats from March to May. We are talking up to 80% ladies!

3.) Shopping Consignment Is Your Friend

A certain Macklemore song might have just sprung to your mind. Would you like to know the absolute best way to go second-hand shopping? COLLEGE TOWNS. Just as much as we college ladies love buying, other college ladies love selling. I absolutely have to brag on my personal favorite consignment store, Twice as Nice in Tuscaloosa. These college girls from the university sororities bring in their practically new shoes and bags and their designer dresses that look like they’ve been worn once by the bag load…and you would not believe the variety or the prices. They have last chance dress racks, and I got an Audrey Hepburn-worthy dark grey Calvin Klein sheath dress and a cherry-red practically-new White House Black Market wrap dress for FIVE DOLLARS EACH. I nearly yelled “Roll Tide” at the checkout counter for joy—and I’m an Auburn fan.

4.) Shopping Online Is Your Friend

Now shopping online for everything is not for everyone. Personally I have wide feet and short legs and I will never take the risk of buying a pair of shoes or pants online—I need to try on certain things. Shopping online however, can be a fantastic option of looking for deals where accessories are concerned. You don’t really have to try on a pair of earrings for size, right? And again, shop off-season.

5.) Swapping With A Friend Is Your Friend!

You loved that Coach bag when you first got it for Christmas, but you’ve had it for a year and you’re tired of it. Your BF has a Dior wallet that she loved when she first got it, but now she’s tired of it. CLOSET SWAP! Now this is fun, and practically anything can be swapped, (except swimsuits and underwear…just…don’t.) This is basically consignment shopping but no money is involved whatsoever! What are friends for? (Just make sure everything you swap is in good condition or you might lose the aforesaid BF and she’ll want her wallet back!)

Now you know you can update your wardrobe painlessly!

“Dashes off to Twice as Nice with her list and $50”


Photo credit goes to R. L. Armbrester

Katharine is studying for her MA in History at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is a lover of history and art history, an indefatigable bookworm and a die-hard fan of classic film and vintage fashion. Strike up a conversation with her about Harper Lee, Jane Austen or Audrey Hepburn and you will make her day!
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