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How to Know if You are Spring Break Ready

We all know that second semester can sometimes be the longest semester of your life. Just because you’ve already gone through one semester and also because one of the best breaks is during this time period. Yes, Spring Break is one of the best breaks to look forward to during the school year! Here are some ways let you know if you are spring break ready. 


1. You constantly find yourself daydreaming about your Spring Break plans in class. 


2. You already have a precise agenda. 


3. You are about to buy all of those Spring Break clothes that you have in your online shopping cart. 


4. You already have a plan as to what school work you should do beforehand so that your break can be worry free.


5.  Your Money has already been saved for the last past few months.

6. You’ve been working out for the last couple days secretly hoping that it would help. 


7. Even though you hate packing, you know exactly what you want to bring with you. 


8. You have told your friends about your plans at least 10,000 different times. 


9. You are super excited to get this break started! 

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