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How to Keep a Clean Makeup Look Over the Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UAB chapter.


As the year progresses with different seasons coming and going, we usually continue to change the way we apply makeup depending on the climate. However, the main reasons girls have issues with keeping a clean makeup look is definitely because of hot weathers. Summer comes with many things; beach life, no school, lighter clothes, and most known, the hot weather. Whether you find your making messing up from the heat, or not knowing how to generally apply it with a tan. Here are tips on the different ways you could work makeup in the summer: 


1.) Stay away from foundation. Usually with a tan, it tends to make the face look unclean and dry. I would suggest using a BB creme, it has a much lighter tone to it and could be a better substitution to foundation. Many brands carry BB cream, but the brands that have mastered its technique are Dior, Bobbi Brown,and Estée Lauder. 

2.) Stick with simple lip colors. In order to have that sun kissed look, its always better to stick with nudes or simple glosses. It will highlight the simplicity of your perfect summer look.

3.) Keep your eyes away from the heavy makeup. Stick with simple tones of eyeshadow, don’t lean towards dramatics. The key to a perfect simple look is Mascara. It allows you to have the sort of extra push on your makeup look, but it also keeps it simple and sticks with highlighting your features instead of changing them.

4.)Through all the sweating and temperature tantrums, all us girls want is to make sure our makeup stays clean and perfect all day. The best thing to use is definitely a translucent powder. It sets the face makeup you have on, making sure the look stays clean and smooth. Many brands, such as Laura Mercier, carry this translucent powder.



5.)The last thing you need to know about keeping a clean makeup look is making sure you are properly cleansing your face. Everything we put on our face can exemplify it, but can also cause sensitivity, leading to blemishes. So make sure you have your daily cleanser, usually with directions to use at least twice a day. Make sure you exfoliate your face at least once or twice a week, and then you will have your perfect makeup and no makeup look. 

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