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How to Discover New Hobbies

If you’re feeling bored and would like to find new hobbies, the key is simply being open to new things. Thanks to social media, we are surrounded by new things constantly. Just because you may not be familiar with something, it does not mean that you won’t find interest in it or be good at it.

Check out videos on Facebook and YouTube; recreate the activities that you see and research to learn more about them. There are thousands of videos on baking and cooking… we can all appreciate food, but we aren’t all considered professional chefs or bakers. Try out different recipes and don’t be afraid of the results. Add videos to your “Favorites” playlist on YouTube or save videos on Facebook if something catches your eye.

Other than using social media, other people can inspire you to find new hobbies. Taking the time to speak with others and learn about their interests and cultures may inspire new interests within yourself. It is truly incredible to think about how different we are, so there is more to life than just your norm.

Learning about different lifestyles and hobbies can influence newfound interests or lifestyles within ourselves by possibly inspiring new courses of study, religion, etc. Simply be open to learning about new things and others, be interested in researching, and be willing to “try new things,” as generic as that sounds. Who knows, you acting on an interest may lead you to the next phase in your life!

My name is Kristal and I am currently a senior at UAB. As a business major and hopeful journalist, I hope to use my gifts and knowledge to reach across the world. I have interests in all things related to society-- hisory, social justice issues, man-made societal "norms." In my spare time, I enjoy working out, watching documentaries, viewing fashion blogs and magazines, and dreaming of the possibilities of my future. Would I forget to mention the importance of "Clueless" references in my life? Ugh, as if!               
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