How to Conquer an Aesthetic

Are you wanting to take your Instagram feed to the next level?

The best way to achieve an Instagram aesthetic is to decide what your style, favorite colors, and vibe are. 

  • For starters, download an editing app. Lightroom and VSCO are perfect for this! VSCO has "filters," while Lightroom uses what is referred to as "presets." You can purchase presets or create your own on Lightroom. Find about 1-3 options and use those that are similar to accent each other to create a cohesive feed.
  • Don't awkwardly crop. Using a different size photo besides a square layout? Download an app like "PostVu" to see how photos will be seen on your feed. This will prevent the posting and deleting until you get it right. Try to stay away from cropping off your photo to where your legs or head are chopped off. 
  • Find your vibe. Do you like posting flat lays, food, fashion, home decor? Whatever it is take it and run with it. Be consistent, consitency is key!
  • Follow accounts that are similar to yours. 1) For inspiration 2) Finding people like yourself and creating a community that engages on each others post is beneficial to all parties.

The term "aesthetic" doesn't just mean seeing a certain color scheme. It's a way of telling your story to your followers in the way that you want. Check out my Instagram feed to get an idea of what all four of these tactics look like when used. My feed fits under the "Lifestyle" category, it's bright, and colorful. You can scroll through and see where I started taking my aesthetic more serious and how it completely changed the look of my feed for the better.