Holiday Gift Giving Guide

It’s the holiday season!!!


 Crap! That means I have to buy gifts for all of my friends and family.

The holidays can be stressful, and shopping for gifts can make you feel really pressured. You just want to get everyone a gift they like, but people are picky, and you are feeling really uninspired. Especially when it comes to that one friend you kinda talk to but don’t know that well, or your dad’s new girlfriend you just met but have to get a present for because she got you something.

If you are drawing a blank, I’m here for you. As hard as it can be, I love shopping for gifts because that feeling is just so satisfying once you know you’ve gotten someone a gift they will truly love. Here are a few of my tips and ideas for gift giving.


1)      Redbubble

Redbubble is the coolest website that has almost anything for everyone. Just type is one of the interests or obsessions of the person you want to buy a gift for and tons of stuff will pop up ranging anywhere from t-shirts and tapestries to cute little stickers and art prints. Say your giftee loves Harry Potter, or Broadway, or dogs, or maybe even just their favorite show... type that in and I promise you will find something for them. Redbubble never fails to help you pick out the cutest present, and it shows how well you know them.


2)      Gift sets

Holiday gift sets are perfect if you are on a budget. They usually come with a lot of different products at a discounted price, so they make really cute stocking stuffers if you want to split them up and give different parts of the set to each of your friends. Makeup and skincare companies like Elf cosmetics and Sephora always come out with gift sets around the holidays that include a bunch of lipsticks or face masks that make great, easy gifts for all your beauty-loving girlfriends. They can be hit or miss so make sure you check out the reviews. And hey, maybe you even get to keep a part of the set for yourself. I don’t see any harm in that.


3)      Candles

Okay honestly, who doesn’t love candles??? Candles always make good gifts because everybody wants their home to smell nice. Fragrant jewels is fun because their products come with hidden rings inside, and the rings are beautiful. They sell candles and bath bombs, which make cute little sets for anyone who just likes to relax and loves sparkly things. Throw in some body lotion and a face mask and you’ve got the gift of my dreams.


4)      Target

You know how you go to Target looking for one thing and end up leaving with a bunch of stuff you didn’t even know existed, but you needed in your life? Don’t lie, we’ve all been there. Target has random crap everyone loves. If I am feeling particularly uninspired for a certain person, I will just roam around Target until something peaks my interest. It’s like a real life Pinterest in that you’ll never leave empty handed and you always get at least an idea for a gift just by being able to look around and see lots of different options.


5)      DIY

I feel like handmade gifts are underappreciated in the sense that no one thinks to do them, but they can make the best gifts for the people you care about. It shows that you are willing to spend time and effort on them, not just money. There are lots of little crafts that are easy and inexpensive to do, even if you aren’t that artistic. In the past, I have made Nebula jars, ornaments, body scrubs, personalized mugs, and lots of other things for people.


6)      Dirty Santa?

My family is really big, so when Christmas comes around, we just play Dirty Santa instead of buying everyone gifts, and a lot of friend groups will do this too at Christmas parties. My rule of thumb for this game is simply to get something you would like. You don’t know who will end up with your gift so there’s no point in stressing out about it. If the game goes terribly wrong and you end up with your own gift, would that be so bad? At least it was something you know you will like.


These are a few ideas to start with, but the true key to giving anyone a fantastic gift, even if they are the hardest person to shop for in THE WORLD, is just being thoughtful. Think back to the times you’ve hung out with them and pay attention to what they have said they love or want. Think about their characteristics and interests and get something that suits them, maybe a gift that reminds them of home or their favorite pet.

The art of gift giving can be tricky, but it is often simpler than we make it out to be. The point is to make the ones you love happy. If you can make them smile or laugh, you’ve succeeded. So don’t worry too much about making it the perfect gift. If you really know your friends, they will love what you choose to get them.