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Her Campus at UAB Spreads Some Holiday Cheer!

This Wednesday, our chapter got together to spread a little holiday cheer. For the second year in a row, our chapter decided to make cards for hospitalized kids. Cards for Hospitalized Kids was founded by Jen Rubino, who was once a hospitalized kid herself. Rubino explained that when she was in the hospital she reached a point where she felt forgotten about, but then a card from a hospital volunteer made her day. 

In March 2011, Rubino and a group of friends began making cards for hospitalized kids with messages of encouragement and inspiration. The organization was officially founded in September 2011. Since then,  Cards for Hospitalized Kids has distributed over 14,000 cards to more than 150 hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. 

Anyone can make cards to be sent out! All you really need is paper and some sort of writing utensil. If you want to be fancier, you can use other craft supplies, but in the end, it's the thought that matters. The cards don't have to revolve around the holidays either. You can make general cards for kids to receive any day of the year. 

At our event, we listened to Christmas songs and drank hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. It was a great opportunity for our team to spend time together and de-stress with some crafting before finals week. 

If you're interested in making cards visit Cards for Hospitalized Kids to review the guidelines and then start crafting!

Tamia is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham majoring in mass communication with a journalism concentration. She is currently serving as one of her chapter's campus correspondents. 
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