Halloween Ideas for the Makeup Savvy and not so Savvy

New to SFX? Look no further!

By: Kali McIntire

SFX, or special effects makeup, is one of the coolest ways to spice up your Halloween. Whether you want to be a cat or a zombie, SFX makeup can help you go the extra mile. And if you’re still lacking inspiration, enjoy these ideas!


  1. Queen of Hearts (@Chelsey Stacey)

You can achieve this look yourself right at home! Attach playing cards to your skin safely by using either a makeup adhesive or even Elmer’s glue. Then add fake blood, which you can either buy or make yourself with food coloring. Finally, customize!


    2. Under the Sea (@sossierose)

Wanna look like something straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean? Use Crayola modeling clay to make seashells and barnacles. Attach with a makeup adhesive or Elmer’s glue. Shade with eyeshadows or facepaint until you’re happy. Add any other extras you like such as fake seaweed and you’ll be ready to knock any sailor off their feet!



    3.You have to be joking! (@makeupby_seda)

One of the most popular movies this year was undoubtedly featured the Joker with this iconic makeup. It’s sure to be a favorite among your friends. You can get this awesome look yourself with facepaint and eyeshadow. Fake blood is totally optional and up to you!


    4.All you gotta do is say his name (@sharnirosebeauty)


One of the most popular broadway stars at the moment is Alex Brightman. While he is definitely one of a kind, Beetlejuice isn’t and you can easily blend in with his doppelgängers. Use rich eyeshadows and temporary spray color to customize your hair. Prepare for a night of hilarious fun.


    5. A classic. (@alearriett)

Some of the above designs a little too complicated? Look no further, anyone can pull off the classic skeleton look. Use shades a few tones lighter than your usual m, and contour your face sharply to emphasize your cheekbones. Shade over the first shade with a darker shade of grey or black to add depth. Add dark eyeliner around your eyes, and use the same eyeliner to draw lines over your lips to look like teeth. Before you know it, you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous!