Gun Violence in America

According to the Gun Violence Archive the Thousand Oaks shooting marked the 307th mass shooting in America this year alone. We are only 313 days into the year. Yes, that means that we have had almost as many mass shootings as we have had days and to say the least, that is a problem. Mass shootings in America have become such a norm that we have not heard of most of the others. The need for gun control is only getting worse.

 The NRA and its supporters will tell you that gun control means the government is trying to take away your 2nd amendment right to own guns and that is not true. More regulations on guns would ensure safety in schools, workplaces, clubs, etc. Japan, for example, has extensive laws and regulations to make sure the right people have access to guns. Japan requires it’s citizens to take an all-day class, pass a written test, and receive at least a 95% in shooting accuracy. It doesn’t stop there, they must also pass a mental health evaluation, and be subjected to a background check. Japan also requires everyone to retake the class and test every 3 years. If it didn’t already seem as if Japan has their gun control laws together, they also have laws that limit the number of gun shops that can be in a prefecture (district under the government). There are many more other ways Japan keeps their numbers of gun related violence to a minimum. The question is why can’t America do the same? Why do Americans have such a problem with gun control if it will keep their loved ones safe?

            Americans hold onto old ideas at the expense of other lives. Owning a gun should be a privilege for people who can afford, and handle them responsibly. There is nothing wrong with taking extra measures to ensure that a deadly weapon isn’t in the hands of someone who has ill intentions. Approximately 11,000 people in America are killed due to gun violence. The government’s refusal to do anything about that should make anyone enraged. As Americans we should care about other Americans enough to demand change.