Galentine's Day: A Valentine's Day Survival Guide

Single on Valentine's Day again? No worries--just take a note from Parks & Recreation and have a happy Galentine's Day! Here's a few tips to beat that funk and still have a good time on one of the most PDA filled holidays of the year:

1: Plan an outing with your best girlfriends--preferably other single ones! Whether it's brunch, a movie, or a trip to the mall, spending time with other people will make you feel better and give you motivation to leave the ice cream and sweatpants at home.

2: Eat sweets because you deserve it, girl. Not to mention everything goes half-off the day after...

3: Watch out for sales. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, and if it's a sale, then it's a steal, right?

4: Exchange gifts. Who knows you better than your closest friends? Even if it's something small, it will make the day 10x better, and you'll feel great about spreading the love with people you care about.

5: Do something creative. Making friendship bracelets never gets old, but you can also try finding different things you've never done before, like group painting! It's a nice way to destress and just spend a little time flexing those artsy muscles.

And finally: enjoy yourselves! Whether you go out or stay in, as long as you're hanging out with the people you call your best friends you're doing Galentine's Day just right.