Fun Things To Do During Winter Break

Finals are over ….. YAASSSSSS! Christmas break is here, you have three weeks school-free and you deserve a well awaited adventurous break. Here are a few things you can do over the break that will make your winter break even better than it already is.


1. Ice Skating: During the Holiday season a lot of cities set up temporary ice skating rinks and going to one is a MUST.

2. Christmas shopping: Because who doesn’t love to shop?

3. Road trip: With your closest friends, because you know you’ll miss them over the break so why not take a road trip your best buds?

4. New York City: No better way to spend New Year's Eve than watching the ball drop on Times Square with your significant other or your best friends.

5. Christmas Party: A great way to catch up with old friends or relatives who you haven’t spent much time with all semester. This doesn’t have to be a big party, something small and intimate with Secret Santa’s is all you need.

6. Girls day in: With hot chocolate &/or wine, your favorite pajamas, Christmas movies, and cookies are all you need for those winter/snowy days with your favorite girls.

7. Volunteer: If you’re in the holiday spirit of giving back.

8. Christmas Tree Farm: A fun day to spend walking around searching for the perfect tree for your home.

9. Go visit Santa Claus: Because you're never too old to go visit Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas!!

10. Christmas Lighting/Decorations: Let's all be honest, driving around neighborhoods looking at the Christmas lights is the highlight of most people's winter break! I love seeing how people go all out for the decorations.

*Doing anything on this list, you're sure to have a memorable Winter Break, so relax, enjoy yourself and this much needed time off. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!