Fun Ideas for Christmas Break

It's official! Finals are over, and Christmas break is now upon us!! (Cue the hallelujah chorus). I don't know about you, but I'm planning on using the next 3 weeks to the best of my ability -- with multiple things on the agenda, both fun and relaxing. Christmas break is the best time to do all of the fun things you've been putting off all semester! Here's a list of 5 ideas, in case you can't think of any!


1. Netflix/Hulu binge. I mean, duh. How many Grey's Anatomy episodes did you miss this semester? Or whatever other show you've recently found on Netflix that you were watching instead of studying for finals -- now is the time to binge watch IT ALL. No RAGRETS.

2. Make Christmas Cookies! Even if they don't turn out beautiful, they'll be super yummy to eat. And this is a fun thing to do with your friends or boo thing!

3. Go ice skating! Again, with your boo thing, friends, or family, this is always a fun activity to do during the holidays! (And don't worry, you won't be the only one to fall on your butt!)

4. Drink ALLLLL the wine. Or whiskey. Or margaritas. Whatever floats your boat.

5. This one is going to sound super lame, I know. But clean your house! I promise, you won't regret it, and it'll make next semester that much better!

Whatever you decide to do this Christmas break, we all wish you safe travels, Happy Holidays, and a whole lot of fun! Take advantage of your break and enjoy yourself!