Front and Center: Tips for Concert Queuing

As spring approaches (and soon enough, summer), concert and festival season is upon us! But how are you supposed to get that front row center spot so you can spend the night rocking out to the fullest extent? Here are some tips I've learned over the years to make this dream become a reality.

1) Get there early. Depending on what band it is, the earlier you might have to go to start queuing. When I saw Fall Out Boy in 2013, we got there at noon and the line was already wrapped around the building; but when I saw Julian Casablancas in 2015, I showed up an hour before the show and ended up being dead center. This being said, though, make sure the place you're queuing at doesn't have rules about what time queuing officially starts--you can always check their FAQ pages or email them, just to be safe.


2) Stay hydrated. This is a huge must because as excited as you are for that band, you have to remember to drink and eat, or else you might be leaving the show a lot earlier than you planned. Pack water and snacks if you know you're going to be in the same spot all day; and if you're going solo, having extras might win you a new friend or two!

3) Be cool to securityWhatever they say, goes, and you have to respect that. Building a good relationship with the people protecting you can also come in handy--once I got to meet the band HOLYCHILD after a show because one of the security team members had recognized me from earlier in the day and let me come back inside! 

4) Prepare yourself for line jumpers. It happens all the time: someone will say they're saving a spot for a friend, and ten people show up. It's not fun, it's not fair, and usually when you say something about it, it doesn't end well. People can be jerks, but don't let them ruin your night.

5) Pack light. I usually bring my normal sized backpack with me because I know I'm going to be in line all day and don't always have the luxury of putting my stuff in a car, but if you want to speed up in the entry process, skip the bag altogether. Every second counts when entering, and people will push and shove to get past you and into your dream spot.

6) Plan bathroom breaks. It's always smart to go while queuing so you don't have to worry about losing your spot in the crowd later. Just make sure the people around you know that you're coming back!

7) HAVE FUN! You paid money to see a band, and no matter where you're standing, if you get a chance to hear them live (possibly with friends!), you should be happy. Enjoy every moment, maybe record a few for safe keeping, but above all, enjoy the experience. Each one is something special.