Free, New Movies for UAB Students!

Last night, I was talking with some friends and they made a reference to Get Out. However, I still hadn't watched the film. One of my friends told me about UAB heat and how I could watch it for free on there. Recently, I'd heard a lot about UAB heat but never actually tried to use it. What is this you might ask, well it is a free movie streaming service for UAB students that gives you access to the latest movie and some tv shows. UAB heat offers a large variety of new movies including some older box office hits. I went to the site where I was able to find not only Get Out, but over 200 other popular movies! The site is very similar to Netflix and actually has some content that Netflix does not. The only thing is that you can only access this through ResNet. So, you have to be logged into your ResNet account in order to use the service. How to gain access to UAB heat? Just follow the link below and begin streaming! Now, go check out the site and get to streaming for a relaxing weekend!