The First Semester of College

Now that finals week is finally here, and most college kids are getting ready to travel back home for the holidays, I would like to reflect on my first semester of college.

The first semester of college was definitely a time of many first's. I started living on my own and I also attended my first party. An abundant amount of independence and responsibility was handed to me and every other freshman's shoulders when we got here. We had to decide when we were going to eat and where, and if we were going to go to class or not. Like I said, a lot of independence was given to me when I got here, and it was my job to make the right decisions.

Coming to college, I expected that amount of responsibility, so I was prepared to keep a level head, go to class, and succeed. What I wasn't prepared for was how hard it would be to get comfortable in college and how hard it would be to make new friends. In high school, I was friends with people I had known for years, and it was easier to make friends back then. However, for some reason, making friends in college is harder. I don't know if its because I'm in a new environment or if I'm not trying hard enough to make friends. I've joined multiple clubs and I talk to people in each of my classes, but I haven't found my close group of friends yet, and I've realized that it's ok.

Maybe I haven't met my close group of friends yet, but next semester things could be completely different. 

All in all, be prepared when coming to college, but don't forget to expect the unexpected.