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FallSZN Essentials

FALL IS HERE! The perfect season of the year and everyone’s fav. Let me tell y’all, I LOVE fall because you can wear Birkenstocks and a cardigan with no worries of being sweaty by the end of the day or your toes getting too cold. Are you ready for FallSZN? I know I am .. Grab those essential pieces and you’re all set.

1. Cardigans: get one in every color because they’re super comfy and you can literally wear them with anything.

2. Leggings: because who wants to wear pants every single day? 

3. Booties: perfect for those cool fall days when you want to dress up your outfit just a tad.

4. Scarfs: because they’re a fashion statement and can make your entire outfit.

5. Anorak Jacket: for those days that are a bit colder than the rest. A simply Anorak jacket can make any outfit a bit more stylish and they’re warm and cozy.


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