Essential Apps for College

Dang it! I'm late for my 8 o'clock class, again! When was I suppose to go to that meeting? Ugh! It's 2 a.m., and I ran out of flashcards. As college students, we are always on some type of tech device. Whether it be our phones, our Apple watches, or our tablets, we always have some kind of hand held device in our possession. Our technology can sometimes take up so much of our time that we "forget" to study or simply don't know when to put our phones down. Here's some apps that will definitely help your college life much, much easier. 


Alarm Clock Xtreme Free


Never be late for English 101 again with this handy alarm clock. Not only can you make as many alarms as you want, but you can set your own ringtone. If Future is going to wake you up at 6 a.m. to have you on time for class, then do what you got to do! This app even allows an awesome feature for those people who just love to hit the snooze button. Alarm Clock Xtreme allows you to solve a math problem to turn your alarm off. So while you think you'll get 5 more minutes of sleep with this app, you will really be adding 5+5 to turn your alarm off. Download it here



Stop going to the nearest store and wasting $3 on index cards. Instead, head to your app store and download Quizlet. Quizlet allows you to create an unilimited amount of flashcards for whatever you need to study for. Yes, you can put all your Human Anatomy terms into Quizlet. This awesome app also allows you to play matching games. Looking for some already made up flashcards? Use the search bar in Quizlet to find sets of flashcards that were made by previous students who might have took the same class. Android users download it here. Apple users download it here



Goodbye Pandora, Hello Spotify. Never heard of Spotify? Well, its a fairly new music streaming app that let's you make your own playlist. Cool, right? They have different genres you can choose from such as Pop, Party, Hip-Hop, Running, Workout, and Focus. Still like the radio verison of Pandora? No worries here, Spotify has a "Start a radio" feature that includes your like and dislike buttons just like Pandora. Spotify is free under wi-fi or internet connection. Want Spotify on the go without wi-fi connection? They have  Premium package discount just for students. Apple users dowload here. Android users download here


Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

If you're slacking on your New Years Resoluton, then this app should help you out a little. To keep up with your daily water in take and how many calories you're eating, there's Calorie Counter. Eat something out of the deli or out of a grocery store? Calorie Counter can scan your barcode through your camera phone! How cool is that?! No more wondering if you drunk enough water or if you went over your calorie in take. Apple users download here. Android users download here