Encouragement Soup

Encouragement Soup

This that type of soup that’s nourishment

for your soul, positive vibes packed with

antioxidants to help you reach your goals.

Clap one time if ya tired but you going

 into the New Year trying!

This that type of soup you sip when

you in the gym pushing to get fit,

telling yourself “I got this Ima make it”.


Stingy is something we don’t do this soup

is meant to be passed down to generations of

women to come. Uplifting energy is what we use for fire gone

put the pot on the stove, using ingredients

like dopamine to make you smile and stay

in a positive mood. Jump and shout because you know this soup

working in your favor and all these positive

words for your brain taste buds... Bon appétit!! 


Just call it flavor! 



This that type of soup you sip, when walk away from

that bad relationship that had you down; don’t

 worry just order a large serving of

“Thank you, God, for life, I’m much better and I survived”. 

This that “Let’s drop these pounds and get ready for the summer”,

 call it a Boss move you bouncing back and waking up

the sleep like thunder. It’s ok if they slept on ya,

you worth the wait like gold! 


No stress ahead! No worries! We have to keep our skin right!

Sipping lemon water with no care at all just to get that feel right!

No drama! No mess! We must focus on self and do our best!

 This that type of soup you have to ask for extra veggies on the side just to make you sure you have enough strength to get that block list in line. 

Cut off season approaching like today!

Gone antibodies, keep ya mess and drama out the way! 

No need for coffee!


Let this encouragement soup activate your

soul it’s filled with nutrients confidence and golden energy

to help you reach your goals!

The Weather Forecast says Greatness is on

 the way with a positive chance of sunshine.