Dump Your Slump: How To Build Motivation

Having a tough time getting back into the routine after winter break? Here's a few tips to get you up and moving again:

1) Make small, daily goals. Whether it's something like doing a small amount of homework, cleaning your makeup brushes, or just reaching out to a friend, always have something planned. The feeling of accomplishment you get when completing that task will go a long way.

2) Manage your time wisely. It's easier said than done, but investing in a planner or daily calendar can help you plan your schedule in advance.

3) Get inspired. Taking a little time for yourself isn't necessarily a bad thing. Find some new music, hang out with an old friend, or just do something simple that makes you happy--it might give you a newfound reason to get back to work.

4) Think positive. Follow some positivity accounts, read some uplifting books, or do whatever it takes to keep the negative thoughts away. They'll only pull you further into your slump and that does more harm than foul.

5) Build a support team.Make a study group, get a yoga partner--having a group of friends related to your goal or interest will give you that final push to get going.