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Donnell Cole: Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire

Name: Donnell Cole

Major: Sociology

Year: Senior

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Hobbies/Interests: Researching anything, traveling, going to concerts, technology, blogging


Meet Donnell Cole, fashion blogger extraordinaire.  Donnell writes for the Birmingham based fashion blog SouthernFemme.com, run by BSC graduate Megan LaRussa.  Balancing casual and classy, he is the epitome of a well-dressed college man.

HC: How did you start writing for Southern Femme?

DC: I was asked to model for an event at Saks.  I was just shopping one day, and they were like “Oh you come in here all the time. Would you like to model in one of our fashion shows?” And this was like in September 2010.  So I modeled at the fashion show, and then afterwards Megan asked if she could snap a few pictures of me.  Then we started talking, and she gave me her business card.  We started hanging out here and there and then one day she asked “Hey, would you like to blog menswear for me? You have such great style.”


HC: At what age did you realize you had a passion for style?

DC: Fourteen.  Freshman year of high school. 


HC: What’s your favorite item of clothing?  

DC: Hmm..that is such a great question.  Probably my Rolex that I got earlier this year.


HC: What do you think is the biggest style faux pas?

DC: Bad Jeans.  Bad denim.  Oversized or just old school.  Something that you’ve had for like 15-20 years. Just bad jeans.


HC: What is you favorite outfit to see a girl in?

DC: Oversized dress shirt.  But it has to be in like a sexy way.


HC: What do you consider a timeless piece of fashion?

DC: Probably jewelry. Good jewelry is always in style. 


And don’t forget to check out Donnell’s blog Southern Homme at SouthernFemme.com!


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