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We all have watched someone order a water with lemon or maybe we have ordered it for ourselves. This refreshing sensational glass of water with a slice of lemon to top it off will leave your body satisfied. The lemon is not the only fruit that you can add to water that will leave your body feeling satisfied. Below I have provided some of the fruits and plants that I have used in my water and the benefits that it has on your health. Detox water is famous for weight loss, strengthening the digestive system, improving the skin and so much more. Skip the coffee for a week or two and allow the body to rejuvenate and cleanse from the toxics such as junk food and processed food.  The body is the temple so, enhance your mood with a distinctive tasteful fruitful water of your choice.  



  • Strawberries & Mint Water- THE METABOLISM BOOSTER! It’s packed with Vitamin C and containing inflammatory ingredients that helps fight cold and flu viruses. To receive the best results:
  1. Add 1 liter of cold water to a larger pitcher
  2. Wash strawberries. Slice strawberries into halves.
  3. Pull the mint leaves off the stem individually
  4. Add strawberries and mint together to the water and let this sit for an hour for the best flavor.
  • Orange slices- Oranges contain concentrated levels of beta-carotene, which helps protect skin cells from damaging and can slow down the aging process. I know most of us want to look young forever. You might want to start adding oranges to your diet, they help protect from kidney stones as well. Grab a cup of your choice, add water (warm, cool, or room temperature) to it and cut up about 4 orange slices and add mint and a straw and enjoy.​
  • Cucumbers slices- Cucumbers support the skin from the inside out and helps hydration. Cucumbers help your body to flush out toxins and contains B-5 which is used to treat acne. Cucumbers help with weight loss by cutting down calories and decreasing your hunger. It delivers antioxidants which helps with cell damage. This is great to add to your weight loss journey. Easy to make, just cut a few pieces of cucumber and add to your water.   


  • Ginger- ginger water is made by boiling a fresh ginger in water. Drinking ginger water could help make your digestive system strong. This tasty water helps to regulate your blood sugar levels and lowers your urge to eat.

Now it’s time to enjoy your favorite receipt of detox water and cleanse the system and I can assure you that if you drink your choice of water for a week, it will result in a body that is in a better mood to function!

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