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Conquering Lonely

Let’s face it- we’ve all been a third wheel at some point in our lives.  For some of us, that’s pretty much the closest thing to a relationship status we’ve ever been able to claim. Many people look down upon third wheelers as the less fortunate underbelly of the dating world, but I’m here to take a stand for all the third wheelers of the world! It’s time we stopped tagging along and embraced the world on our own!  Being alone can be an intimidating feeling at first, but once you learn to embrace it life will bring so many great people your way.  Here’s a few tips to start your journey towards being confident enough to accept just Y-O-U:

1. Eat alone
People seem to attach this negative stigma to the idea of eating alone, but I promise you it is not how it seems.  Grab something, whether it be a good book, a journal, or your laptop, and head out to the nearest coffee shop.  Coffee shops are a great place to go alone because as you look around you’ll see that there are plenty of other people there just like yourself!  Take the time to study, sketch, or catch up on your favorite book.   The best part is that you’ll find your confidence to be alone will attract others friendly faces to you!

2. Treat yourself to a movie
How many times have you wanted to see that limited release indie film or that guilty pleasure chick flick, and missed out on it because you didn’t have anyone to go with you?!  Heading to see an afternoon matinee or a late night showing is a great way to escape the chaos of the world for just a few hours.  If heading to an actual theater seems a little too intimidating just yet, why not start small by RedBox-ing a title you never would’ve dared to choose before?  Either way, grab yourself some popcorn and candy- you deserve it!

3. Explore your city
For many of us, our college years are spent in a town that isn’t quite home.  So why not take a day to get better acquainted with your new home? Pick a part of your city you’ve yet to venture to, and just browse!  Grab your camera and a notepad- write down your encounters.  Just take a day to have an adventure with yourself!  It’s the perfect way to discover all the hidden gems within your town.  

Now, I don’t say all this to encourage you to cut off all social ties and become a hermit.  Far from it actually because the best part about facing the world alone is all the new friends you’ll find yourself making!  So don’t feel discouraged the next time your roommate brings her boytoy over leaving you stuck on the couch again.  Get out and embrace the concept of “Me, Myself, and I!”  And who knows, maybe the day you start feeling confident with just yourself is the day that special someone comes around your way ;) 

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