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Channel Red Lip Icons on Halloween

Red lips are classic, versatile, and flattering on everyone! There’s a reason that so many icons have worked a swipe of red into their signature look! So, why not channel one of those red-lipped beauties and center your Halloween costume around this vibrant lip color? Whether red is part of your daily look or if you’ve never worn the color, this flaming pop will brighten your face and your Halloween night!


Rosie the Riveter: This one was pretty obvious, right? To transform into this feminist icon, all you’ll need is a blue chambray shirt and a bandana…and your red lipstick, of course!

Taylor Swift: This pop princess loves a red lip with anything she wears so choose a red-carpet ready dress and a blonde wig (if you don’t already have blonde hair) and get that “red lip, classic thing that you like”!

Dorothy: Don a flouncy blue dress and curly pigtails and remember to follow the yellow brick road with ruby red lips and shoes! This adorable costume is very recognizable, especially if you bring along your own Toto.

Selena: She is still an undeniable icon…you can even use MAC’s new line dedicated to her! Beautiful black hair, red lips, a purple outfit, and a beaming smile complete your look.

Morticia Addams: She’s creepy and vampiric but captivatingly gorgeous.If you’ve long, dark hair already, you have a lot of the costume! Wear your favorite red lip, and add a long black dress and mischievous smirk.

Marilyn Monroe: C’mon, we can’t talk about red lips without mentioning her name! The makeup just needs a bit of eyeliner to compliment the red lips, and pick up a white dress and short blonde wig.

Tiana: Who wouldn’t want to be this beignet-toting, frog-kissing Disney princess?! She wears a puffy, light green gown with her hair tied up with a lily. Add your red lip, and you’ll be swinging along all Halloween.

Hey, there! My name is Rachel Higgins, and I am a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I was born and raised near New Orleans, but I count Birmingham as one of my second homes. I'm a crazy cat lady, coffee/candy addict, literature lover, and self-taught makeup artist. I hope you enjoy browsing around all of the great articles on UAB's HC page! 
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