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Here at HC UAB, we love us some internet, and being lovers of the internet means that we are lovers of all the glorious blogs out there!  The wild world of blogging is where inspiration abounds online.  From baking to fashion to DIY crafts, there’s a blog out there for every interest!  Filled with advice, anecdotes, and lovely pictures galore, these blogs serve as the perfect distraction when our professors are droning on just a tad bit too long.  So, filled with the good cheer of spring time, we thought we would let you in on some of our favorites!

  1. Kendi Everday

Out of all the style bloggers in the world, Kendi is probably my favorite.  Her looks are never over the top or extremely high fashion.  Instead, she puts together looks that are totally practical for the everyday girl.  Her modern style has guided my closet choices many, many times.  She’s best known for creating the 30×30 style challenge, which motivates girls to put the credit card down and learn how to mix-&-match pieces that are already in our closets.  If her style doesn’t keep you coming back for more, her hilarious wit will.  


2. Keiko Lynn

HerCampus UAB Editor Jaime Ritter is a big fan of this New York fashionista’s style diary.  “Keiko is like a modern day pin up doll.  I love her classic makeup.  She makes it look easy to rock a bold lip!  Her outfits also cost very little (she claims never to have spent over $50 on an item), yet she looks like she could grace the cover of Vogue.  She’s the perfect inspiration for every collegiette on a budget!”

3.  Awkward Girls

The Awkward Girls are fellow college gals and best friends Madison and Lauren. These girls have great style, and great personalities.  Their blog makes me giggle with delight because I feel as though I can jump right in and be their best friend too!  I’m obsessed with their “We Likey Wednesday” feature.  


4. Cupcakes and Cashmere

“I like Emily’s classic and preppy style,” says Jaime Ritter.  “I feel like it translates well into real life.  I also love the way she mixes high and low pieces to create unique looks.”


5. College Prep

At this point in my life, I think I might list Georgetown senior Carly Heitlinger as one of my heroes.  From writing a book to starting her own online magazine, this girl seriously does it all.  Her blog documents her life as a collegiette who loves to make the most out of her youthful years.  Unlike most blogs out there, College Prep is isn’t just another fashion blog.  It’s a lifestyle blog filled with plenty of inspiration and helpful tips to help keep a busy gal like myself partially sane on those extra crazy days.  


6. One Sheepish Girl

Adorable Texan collegiette Meredith is an expert with needles- knitting needles, that is!  But even if you’ve never picked up a skein of yarn in your entire life, I still suggest you head on over to One Sheepish Girl.  Meredith documents her life with the prettiest of pictures, and inspires me to find time for my hobbies even on the busy days.  


Loved our picks and still want more?  Well, you know we couldn’t let you leave without linking to our own blogs!  Check out our HerCampus UAB Editor Jaime’s fashion inspiration blog On Miami Time and please feel free to browse some odd pop culture obsessed musings over on my blog Casual Bedlam


Let us know some of your favorite blogs, or if you have a blog of your own!  

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