Binge-Worthy Shows This Winter Break

As Winter Break approaches and you’re winding down from the semester. What is a better way to destress than staying in bed, in your pajamas, with your favorite snacks on hand, and watching a show that you can’t seem to take your eyes off of… Here are some binge-worthy Netflix shows that should tickle your fancy this winter! Enjoy your break!

1.       Frontier

Want to see some eye candy! This is the show for you! One word. Jason Momoa. Really that’s all you need, but the show is also great. Action packed, but if you don’t like a lot of blood, this show may not be for you. Who knew the fur trade was so violent?

2.       Chewing Gum

Very explicit. Very, Very explicit. This corky British show will have your almost peeing in your pants, but cringing in embarrassment at the same time. It’s amazing.

3.       She’ Gotta Have it

A new Netflix Original She’s Gotta Have it is a drama comedy. If you like Insecure with Issa Rae, you will defiantly be a fan of this show. Though it only has 10 shows (all about 35 minutes), it will make your heart giggle and make you think about your own choices in life when it comes to men.

4.       Criminal Minds

WARNING! DO NOT! I REPEAT! DO NOT! Watch this classic show with 12 action-packed, amazing seasons at night. You will be paranoid for, at minimum, a week. It has all the regular protocols like any other crime show on TV, but its just so addicting. Trust me once you start, you wont be able to stop!

5.       iZombie

This comedy drama is a little different, but you’ll be eating your brains out trying to see what’s next! Get it. Brains. Zombies….okay. It’s a new age Zombie tail that you will instantly fall in love with. Also, the most underrated show out now!

6.       Lost Girl

If you are more of the supernatural type, this show is totally for you- with a twist. Supernatural creatures, Werewolves (of course), dealing with different realms, and my favorite, the heart-wrenching love triangle. It’s like Supernatural and Vampire Diaries had a lovechild.  Did I mention 5 seasons with about 13-22 episodes per season.


What are you watching this break?