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Awaken the Goddess Within You

Have you ever ditched your friends to enjoy “me time”… ya’ know, time for yourself?  Sometimes we rely on the presence of others to fulfill our happiness or avoid feeling lonely. Yes, the presence of others is nice; however, it can soon become our comfort zone. Comfort zones are meant to limit you to your “comfort.” How can you awaken the goddess within, if you don’t change it up? Society tells us that we need someone around us to be completely happy, but that is not necessarily true. Making time for yourself is a key component of awakening the goddess that lies within you, because you get a chance to enjoy yourself, explore yourself, and empower yourself!

Let’s start with enjoying yourself.

When it comes to enjoying yourself, you have to find activities that spark your energy and personality. Ever heard of “Freedom on Wheels”? If you haven’t, it is simply roller-skating alone. Roller-skating alone is a fun activity that allows you to feel liberated, and allows you to escape the agonizing feeling of embarrassment from falling in front of your peers. If roller-skating isn’t your thing, try a date night with yourself. Imagine taking yourself to that movie you’ve been dying to go to, and not having to compromise for the group’s choice. Imagine eating at that fancy restaurant, and ordering exactly what you want. Sounds ideal, right? Haven’t found what you liked yet, no worries! Maybe you might enjoy a night at Barnes and Noble, and let your inner bookworm squirm. Whatever your niche of fun is, make sure it is something you genuinely enjoy!

How about exploring yourself?


 More often than not, women are accustomed to taking care of others. Who takes care of the women? As strong as we are, we still need time to take care of ourselves, and the best way to accomplish that is through self-care. Through self-care, you get to reward yourself. You learn your dislikes, your likes, and all things that you love. Self-care produces many benefits such as: prevention of disease and illness, improve your longevity and quality of life, structure your mental health and stability, and an easy guide to weight management. The main purpose of self-care is to shift a necessary focus on you. For instance, imagine you had a stressful day at work… how do you relieve that stress at the end of the day? Imagine that you just turned in that exam you have been studying for all week… how do you get rid of the anxious feeling? That is where self-care comes in!

Here are examples of self-care:

  1. Give yourself a facial.

  2. Indulge in your favorite snacks.

  3. Be that goddess on the runway with your own version of a fashion show!

  4. Relax with a candle lit bath.

  5. Find your inner songstress, let your brush be your mic!


What’s a goddess without empowerment?

Self-empowerment is an important tool, and it allows you to make positive choices and set goals.

To be empowered, you have to develop a source of self-awareness. Understanding yourself is a beautiful indicator of loving yourself. You need a healthy perspective of your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Once you are self-aware, you begin to boost your self-esteem. As women, we tend to battle with our self-esteem. Sometimes, we allow likes to determine who we are. For instance, how do you feel when you see another woman get 1,000 likes on Instagram, and you get 100? In essence, you have to reach a healthy perspective of your inner and outer beauty. After you know who you are and know what you are worth, no one can take it from you! How powerful is that?

Time to be crowned.         

So after enjoying, exploring, and empowering yourself, what’s left to do? Congratulations, you can now officially crown yourself a goddess! Keep in mind that having others around is important. We were created as social beings, and too much isolation does more harm than good. However, it is also very important to have a healthy amount of time for yourself. Always remember, you are important, you are intelligent, and you are a GODDESS!

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