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Academy Award Results


Before the Academy Awards this past Sunday I made my own predictions on who/what I wanted to win and who/what I thought would win. Let’s see if any of my predictions came to fruition.  


Best Actor 

Who I Want to Win: Timothee Chalamet 

Who Will Win: Gary Oldman 

Who Won: Gary Oldman 

Timothee gave a beautiful performance in Call Me By Your Name, but unfortunately this performance came at the same time as an equally brilliant performance by Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour. Gary Oldman completely transformed into the role of Winston Churchill and not an ounce of Gary could be detected in this role. Thankfully Timothee’s only 22 so we will definitely be seeing him for years and years to come at the Oscars.  


Best Actress 

Who I Want to Win: Saoirse Ronan 

Who Will Win: Frances McDormand 

Who Won: Frances McDormand 

Saoirse’s portrayal of Lady Bird was so real and raw, but Frances McDormand’s role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was so utterly complex that whoever played it was meant to win an Oscar. This was Saoirse’s second Academy Award nomination and being only 23 she will surely win at some point. 


Best Actor in a Supporting Role 

Who I Want to Win: Sam Rockwell 

Who Will Win: Sam Rockwell 

Who Won: Sam Rockwell 

Sam Rockwell’s performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was complex and unprecedented. He took on the role of Dixon in this movie who I hated at first but felt a sense of compassion for at the end. Sam Rockwell definitely deserved this Oscar. 


Best Actress in a Supporting Role 

Who I Want to Win: Laurie Metcalf 

Who Will Win: Allison Janney 

Who Won: Allison Janney 

I never got the chance to see I, Tonya so I can’t compare Laurie Metcalf’s performance to Allison Janney’s. Therefore, I think they both should have won.  


Best Director 

Who I Want to Win: Jordan Peele, Chrisopher Nolan, or Greta Gerwig 

Who Will Win: Guillermo del Toro 

Who Won: Guillermo del Toro 

Jordan Peele’s Get Out was the movie that everyone was talking about when it hit theaters. This movie is honestly so incredible, and the way Jordan Peele brought it to life is equally as incredible. Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is a cinematic masterpiece, just like every Christopher Nolan movie. With not much dialogue in it, Christopher Nolan still made the past come back to life with his incredible directing skills. Lady Bird was Greta Gerwig’s first solo directorial debut. This coming of age story couldn’t have been made by anyone else, but Greta Gerwig. However, Guillermo del Toro’s Shape of Water was such a beautiful film and his vision deserved an Oscar. 


Best Picture 

What I Want to Win: Lady Bird 

What Will Win: Shape of Water 

What Won: Shape of Water 

Lady Bird was my favorite movie to come out of this past year of award nominated movies. The story is just so genuine and relatable and honestly I could go on and on about how it’s a movie that the world needed. However, Shape of Water is a beautiful movie with a beautiful story and with a female lead as well. Overall, all of the movies in this category brought something different to the plate that this generation needs and I am so thankful that this year’s movies brought so many important stories to life.

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